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Established in 2007

Cablz designed to defend your eyewear. 

About Us. 

Founded in 2007 in the USA, we pioneered a groundbreaking approach to eyewear retainers leading to the introduction of the industry-transforming stainless steel cable retainer in the following year. Unlike conventional options, Cablz boasted a unique ‘stay off your neck’ feature, setting us apart as the original and premier choice.

About Us
About Us

Don’t settle for imitations – trust the first, trust Cablz.

Whether you’re sporting sunglasses, reading glasses, safety glasses, or your everyday pair, Cablz ensures they stay in place. 

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About Us
About Us
About Us
  • Our universal ends fit on about 85% of glasses on the market. If your frame has large temples, use the XL ends, for thinner temples, use the Skinnyz ends. Look at our sizing chart on the XL and Skinnyz pages for reference. The only frames we cannot fit are very thin, wire frames. 

    Take a look at the image below for examples of how our universal ends fit onto various sizes of glasses.

    If the temple ends (arm ends) of your glasses are from 5-15mm, buy the Universal Ends.  If they are smaller (3-5mm), your will need the Skinnyz, if they are larger (16mm+), you will need the XL ends. Please note: Skinnyz ends will NOT fit on thin wire temples (arms).

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About Us

Defend your eyewear  |   Cablz now available in Europe

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